people in places

Richard Sobey creates people-focussed interventions that test approaches to urban living. He collaborates across sectors to inform practice and policy decisions in place-making. Richard is creating strategies, designing projects, developing policies and evaluating actions in the cultural, heritage and urban planning sectors internationally.

"a force of energy with visionary ideas"

Richard is Co-Founder and Joint Director of DELVE Associates enabling unusual connections for people, place and prosperity

Richard enjoyed....

....numerous stimulating conversations at IETM Bergamo ( about performative gaming....  playing in public spaces....   regeneration....   and diversity - all in the beautiful Old City!

It was great to talk with Cathie Boyd at Sonica (  Tamara Harrison at Polyglot (   among many others... and he didn't get time to connect with Ágnes Bakk at Gobi Rita Dance Company ( about flashmobs and gaming!

And he missed Alison Andrews of A Quiet Word (, who always provides food for thought!