people in places

Richard Sobey creates people-focussed interventions that test approaches to urban living. He collaborates across sectors to inform practice and policy decisions in place-making. Richard is creating strategies, designing projects, developing policies and evaluating actions in the cultural, heritage and urban planning sectors internationally.

"a force of energy with visionary ideas"

Richard is Co-Founder and Joint Director of DELVE Associates enabling unusual connections for people, place and prosperity

how Richard makes things happen


Richard brings people together around ideas and local contexts to ask what is possible.  He puts projects together with a variety of partners new to eachother and new to collaborating in public space.  

Richard also works with individuals and organisations to achieve aspirations and evolve practice in the arts, heritage and urban planning sectors.   This includes initiating, developing and delivering projects as well as organisational development and startegic planning.   Drawing on over 25 years of international experience, he helps partners achieve organisational and personal aspirations through:

  • the exploration and articulation of ideas and ambitions

  • the design of practical and achievable projects that realise these ideas and ambitions

  • the creation of medium and long term strategies for policy, organisational and practice development

  • the design of project programmes that directly support organisational and audience/stakeholder strategy

  • facilitated business and project planning

  • strategy development for capacity building

  • leadership mentoring and coaching

  • the creation and delivery of artistic, social and urban development projects

  • the creation and delivery of real and virtual world conferences and networking

  • arts project management.



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