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Richard Sobey creates people-focussed interventions that test approaches to urban living. He collaborates across sectors to inform practice and policy decisions in place-making. Richard is creating strategies, designing projects, developing policies and evaluating actions in the cultural, heritage and urban planning sectors internationally.

"a force of energy with visionary ideas"

Richard is Co-Founder and Joint Director of DELVE Associates enabling unusual connections for people, place and prosperity

what people say when Richard makes things happen


  • "I cannot recommend working with Richard enough. He is a force of energy who brings visionary creative ideas to cultural projects with a high degree of professionalism, commitment and integrity. His ability to engage with people from all walks of life and across various international contexts is extraordinary and he blends his highly personable approach with the ability to really get things done. He has been invaluable in helping us to develop the professional skills necessary to run as an organisation through his highly engaging and fun strategic planning workshops. Furthermore, he is an excellent mentor and coach in supporting small- and medium-scale artistic projects to take flight and flourish. I would highly recommend working with Richard on international cultural projects at all levels". Caroline Watson, Vice-Chair World Economic Forum's Global Agenda for Arts in Society

  • "I contacted Richard to help reimagine plans to bring Buxton Crescent and Spa to life as a heritage attraction. This was part of a large and complex Heritage Lottery Fund bid that would secure the future of this highly significant cultural asset. Richard is a joy to work with. He really listens and injects equal amounts of creativity, challenge, fun and pragmatism. He provided the project with best possible chances of success.   He is highly credible and fostered confidence and trust in our client and ultimately the HLF, who agreed to support the project to the tune of £24million. I very much look forward to working with Richard again".   James McQuaid FRSA, Fellow - Clore Cultural Leadership Programme 2013/14, Visitor Experience Consultant, National Trust

  • "Richard inspired us to believe in our own potential and we wouldn’t be where we are today without him. He is a great 'understander of people' with an amazing capacity to encourage others to think aspirationally and, moreover, to combine this with practical, active thought, in a brilliant mix of realism and ambition! Richard’s genuineness and integrity are qualities we’ve appreciated greatly. His reflective, insightful feedback on our work has had both immediate and longer-term effects on the way we think, reflect and grow our company. Richard values the art first and foremost. His belief in our artistic work from the start was a huge source of support at a critical time and, with energy and passion, he’s inspired others to believe in us too. He’s brokered opportunities, been a huge part of our fund-raising process and, with his support and guidance, we’ve been able to launch as an independent company with Arts Council England funding". Anna Webb, Artistic Director, Engine Room Theatre

  • "A brilliantly connected ideas man, he is able to tease out creative projects and apply rigorous and knowledgeable planning to help organisations go into the future with an increased sense of mission.” Charlie Studdy, Arts and Leisure Manager, Junction Goole, UK

  • "Richard Sobey is a fine producer, mentor and networker. His attention to detail is second to none, leaving no stone unturned in the quest to deliver the highest quality outcomes". Ralph Dartford, Arts Council England North Strategic Touring Officer, UK




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