people in places

Richard Sobey creates people-focussed interventions that test approaches to urban living. He collaborates across sectors to inform practice and policy decisions in place-making. Richard is creating strategies, designing projects, developing policies and evaluating actions in the cultural, heritage and urban planning sectors internationally.

"a force of energy with visionary ideas"

Richard is Co-Founder and Joint Director of DELVE Associates enabling unusual connections for people, place and prosperity

organisations Richard has made things happen with


Richard has made things happen with the following organisations:

  • Arts Council England (UK)

  • NESTA - National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (UK)

  • British Council (China)

  • Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (UK)

  • Harlow Council

  • Tract + Touch (UK)

  • TheyEatCulture (UK)

  • Gibberd Gallery (UK)

  • Yorkshire Dance (UK)

  • Event International (UK)

  • One Plus One (Beijing) Disabled Persons' Cultural Development Center (China)

  • Hua Dan (Beijing)

  • BEAM - arts, people, places (UK)

  • Small Venues Network (UK)

  • Engine Room (UK)

  • Drama Rainbow Education (China)

  • NASA - National Association of Street Artists (UK)

  • British Federation of Brass Bands (UK)

  • IOU Theatre Ltd (UK)

  • WildWorks (UK)

  • The Experence Business (UK)

  • DEP Arts (UK)

  • Instant Dissidence (UK)

  • Hoodwink (UK)

  • Space Cadets (UK)

  • and others.



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