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Richard Sobey creates people-focussed interventions that test approaches to urban living.  He researches interdisciplinary urban design to inform policy decisions in place-making.  Richard is creating strategies, designing projects, developing policies and evaluating actions in the cultural, heritage and urban planning sectors internationally.   

"a force of energy with visionary ideas"  

Richard is Co-Founder and Joint Director of DELVE Associates enabling unusual connections for people, place and prosperity

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about Richard...

Richard collaborates with artists, technologists, serious games developers, architects, planners, communities and audiences to make engaging and impactful experiences in the public realm designed to inform decision-making in urban design programmes and in policy.   These experiences make temporary changes to the managed environment, urban and rural, to challenge understandings and expectations about what we can do and what we can affect in local neighbourhoods and gathering places.   They aspire to effect permanent change in how we think about living together.   

Richard works across the cultural, heritage, urban planning and land management sectors.

Richard is interested in:

  • what we learn about ourselves, our world and the environment around us through playful encounters in the public sphere;
  • physical world experiences where people work/play together in endeavours that make a difference to the individuals coming together and those around them;
  • how we inhabit the virtual and physical worlds simultaneously - a transreality - and yet are still working out the implications of this;
  • what it means when we can no longer access or engage with the physical world without a virtual overlay - and what this means for being human;
  • and how we use this to look afresh at natural and managed environments; and how we understand and inhabit with them.

Richard will very soon be researching at University College London UCL's Bartlett School for a Masters (MRes) in Interdisciplinary Urban Design with a focus on the impact of transreality and post-humanism on approaches to urban design in physical spaces.   He has a workspace at East Gate Studios, part of Gatehouse Arts in Harlow, UK.   He is a Fellow of the RSA:  Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce and a member of:

On Richard:

  • "a force of energy who brings visionary creative ideas to cultural projects with a high degree of professionalism, commitment and integrity..."
  • "...injects equal amounts of creativity, challenge, fun and pragmatism..."
  • "...a brilliantly connected ideas man, who applies rigorous and knowledgeable planning..."


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